Vadim Savchenko Portfolio

Savchenko Vadim native Russian voiceover

Welcome! I’m native Russian voice talent with professional background of over 15 years. As a freelancer, I’m working in my own studio, and besides daily VO’s, I also do translation, sound recording and mixing, mastering, and video editing. My motto is:

Easy, fast and professional!

I’m open to new exciting projects and long-term productive relationships.

  • Narration and dubbing
  • Audiobooks and cartoons
  • YouTube and TV-commercials
  • Advertisement and product presentation
  • Videogame characters and broken English
  • Virtual guides and explainer videos
  • E-learning and language courses
  • DJ and radio jingles
  • IVR and TTS systems

… wherever you need a confident, organic and natural Russian voice. Hear me in your videos… soon!

Feel free to contact me and ask for a quote!

You can check demo reels and videos with my voice below:

Narration. Informative and essential presentation:

Commercials. Energetic selling-style:

Characters. Voice acting, interviews and funny broken English:


Voice Over, Cross-platform messenger:

Dubbing, Augmented reality product presentation:

Voice Over, Wellness:

Voice Over, App. presentation:

Dubbing, Products for farmers:

Multi-voice Dubbing, IOT documentary:

Dubbing, Job finding service:

Dubbing, ‘How to use our site’ video:

Dubbing, Startup presentation:

Voice Over, AD for Russian TV 1 International:

Voice Over, Aircraft building plant anniversary video:

Keep in touch:

You can also contact me directly via e-mail:, or skype me: v_a_d_z (click to add).

Reach me on social media and freelance sites:, Upwork, VoiceBunny, Fiverr, KWork,, LinkedIn